Anal Beads & Plugs


Blow Pop Black

Price: £15.00        "Now" On Sale Only £10.00

Black cock ring with anal beads and a removable, white vibro-bullet. The cock ring has grooves and the anal beads are made up of 4 beads that increase in size. The ring and beads are joined together via a bridge part. With 7 vibration patterns at the push of a button.
Complete length 16 cm, Ø of beads 0.5 to 2 cm, Ø of ring 2.5 cm. Vibro-bullet 7 cm long. Material: silicone, ABS, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH.

Code: 5869190000

Love Throb 7 Black

Price: £10.00      "NOW" Sale Price £5.00

Narrow sensitive anal beads strand on a suction base. Length 18 cm, A 1-2 cm. Material: PVC.

Code: 5028550000

Black Velvet Plug & Vibration

Price: £15.00      "Now" On Sale Only £10.00

A soft surfaced black plug with removable bullet vibrator. Full size: 13 cm, 3 cm diameter. Add vibrations by pressing the button at the shaft end. Material: silicone, free of phthalates according to EU regulation REACH. (Please order 4 button cell batteries separately).

Code: 5767430000

Plug & Tail - Bad Kitty

Price: £20.00       "Now" On Sale Only £10.00

Cone-shaed butt plug with a small base that has a faux fur tail (approx. 62 cm long) attached to it. Black. Plug approx. 11 cm long, Ø max. 4 cm. Material: silicone (plug), viscose (tail), phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH.

Code: 5126560000

Humper Kit Set

Price: £20.00      "Now" On Sale Only £15.00

3-piece Kit: conic plug with ribbed shaft and suction cup base (12 cm, 1.8 cm diameter) - spheric plug with vibrations and ring handle (12.5 cm, 2.2-3 cm diameter) - penis plug with pronounced glans, veining and a suction cup base (11 cm, 2.8 -3.3 cm diameter). Material: PVC, ABS, free of phthalates according to EU regulation REACH. Batteries included.

Code: 5753130000

3 Piece Anal Set

Price: £25.00    "NOW" Sale Price £20.00

3-piece butt plug set made up of an anchor-shaped plug (length: 7 cm, width: 7.4 cm, Ø 4.1 cm when pressed together), a cone-shaped plug with a wide head and base (length: 13.5 cm, insertion depth: 9.8 cm, Ø 2.8-4.8 cm) and a cone-shaped plug with a narrow head and one vibration level at the push of a button (length: 12.1 cm, insertion depth: 8.3 cm, Ø 0.9-3.1 cm). All the plugs have a base. It is a perfect anal stretching set for anal stretching. Includes batteries. Black. TPE, ABS, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH

Code: 5914080000

Rechargeable Plug Large

Price: £25.00       "Now" On Sale Only £20.00

Cone-shaped butt plug from Black Velvets. With a convenient base. Easy to insert thanks to the narrow tip. With 7 vibration modes and a silky-smooth surface. Splash-proof and easy to clean. Rechargeable with the included USB cable. Complete length 14.7 cm, insertion depth 11.8 cm, Ø 4.4 cm. Silicone with a PU coating.

Code: 5928110000

Butt Plug 4.5 or 5.5

Price: £10.00 - £15.00

Soft, flexible, yet firm 4.5 jelly plug. Available in Black & Pink

Code: 4.5"  = DK06

           5.5 "  = DK04


Cock Rings, Cages & Sleeves


Silicone Sleeve

Price: £15.00     "NOW" Sale Price £10.00

Black sleeve with closed tip. The tight fit and the cock ring (ø 3.4 cm) help to enhance his erection for long lasting sex joy. Total length 15.5 cm, penetration depth approx. 14 cm. ø 3.1 cm. Material: silicone, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH

Code: 5219650000

Black Velvets Penis Sleeve

Price: £15.00       "Now" On Sale Only £10.00

Soft, flexible penis sleeve with a lattice pattern, testicle ring and mini vibrator, that can be integrated, with ten levels of vibration at the touch of a button. Black. Complete length approx. 14 cm, Ø testicle ring 3.6 cm, Ø sleeve 3 cm. Material: silicone, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH

Code: 5822710000

Tailor-made Crystal Sleeve

Price: £10.00

Tailor made Crystal turns your penis into a real ecstasy drill!
Simply slip on the sheath and your penis transforms into a wonderfully slippery, lustful rascal of 4 cm additional length with uncountable soft lust stubs and a thick glorious glans. Amazing side effect: The super tight-fitting sheath according to individual lenght - simply cut with scissors. Length of sheath: 22.5 - 23 cm and diamater: 3.5 - 4 cm. Very stretchable. Skin friendly material: TPR.

Code: 5182800000

Best Buddy

Price: £10.00      "Now" On Sale Only £5.00

Made from silicone it is incredibly stretchy & has dozens of soft nodules for extra sensation. Its snug fit & closed end creates a vacuum effect

Code: DK242

Penis Sleeve

Price: £10.00       "Now" On Sale Only £5.00

Penis sleeve made of transparent, slippery material with a soft foam-filled tip and a stimulating structure. Size: 15 cm, Ø 4 cm (tip) and 3.5 cm (flexible).

Code: 5203650000

Penis Sleeve with Cock Ring

Price: £10.00       "Now" On Sale Only £5.00

Penis sleeve with 2 cm extension and cock ring. Transparent and smooth silicone with nubs. Also suitable for dildo and vibrator.
Size: 11 cm, Ø 3 cm (flexible).

Code: 5169880000

Set Of 5 Cock Rings

Price: £15.00       "Now" On Sale Only £10.00

Set of 5 seamless cock rings. Ø 3.1?5 cm. Material: carbon steel.

Code: 5261770000

Ricg "Double Helix"

Price: £10.00       "Now" On Sale Only £5.00

2 black rubber rings, very easy to adjust. Penis ring Ø 4 cm, testicle ring Ø 5.5 cm. May be cut down for smaller Ø.

Code: 5133420000

Silicone Cock Ricgs

Price: £10.00

Set of 4 cock rings. Each ring has an integrated bead (Ø 1 cm). Black. Ø of ring: 25, 28, 30 and 32 mm (flexible). Ring thickness: 5 mm. Material: silicone, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH

Code: 5239170000

Get Hard Clear Cock Rings

Price: £10.00

Also in Black

Pull this 3 rings over your penis, enjoy the feeling and the sex-power, you`ll have...
Transparent-silicone with different knops. Little: Ø 3 cm, inside - Ø 2 cm. Middle: Ø 3,5 cm, inside - Ø 2,5 cm. Large: Ø 4 cm, inside - Ø 2,5 cm.

Code: 5149260000

Cock Ring Set Transparent

Price: £10.00

Flexible & stretchable little gems.  You will be spoilt for choice with this fantastic set of 6 rings, all with different stimulation points.

Code: GC025TRA